Souvenirs d’ Athènes

Curated by Filippos Michailidis (with the help of many)

A Hue of Greek Blue, Akronaoton Ceramics, Aladastra, Alexander Jaschik, Alexandra Katsivelaki, Alexandros Maganiotis, Alexia Seretidou, Akrida, Anna Kavvasiadi, Antonis Kastrinakis, Aris Sotiriou, Asteris Kanousis, Beetroot, Cacao Rocks, Christos Gakas, Click Ngwere, Colour Greece, Cube Art Editions, Damiss, David R Fenwick, Dida Dourida, Dimitris Korovesis, Dimitris Naiplis, Domenikos de Visser, Efi Vlachava, Eli Yahu Saban, Elina Detsi, Eugenia Gerontara, Evi Athanasiou, τσάντζαλα μάντζαλα, Giorgos Bibas, Giorgos Kyprianidis, Giuseppe Tiberini, Grigoria Vryttia, Iakovos Volkov, In the Wee Hours of His Mind, Jola818, Καίτη Χόρτη - Kate Horti, Karolos Michailidis, Katerina Georgopoulou, Thegreekbag, Kατερίνα Ceramics, Lenousa Holeva, Leti.A, Lockbird, Lydia Andrioti, Marilia Kolibiri, Miaou, Modern Greece, Mulumu, μπλε / blé, Omonoia Lovers, Panagiotis Tzannetakis, Paparazzi, Pascaline Bossu, Peratikou Louiza, Phivos Thanos, QUIXOTIC, Sea Urchins, Postcards from Greece, Karoulisisters, Sofia Gaafar, Sofia Rozaki, Spiro, Stelios Chatzivasileiou, Taaz, The Eye Ring, Tholos Design, Tsevnik, Vaggelis Choursoglou, Vassiliki Koukou, Zacharias.es, Zachary Diedrich, Zekos T., ΦΑΝΗ

Athens-based artists, after many years have begun to reinvent the city’s identity, creating a new scene, a feeling of rejuvenation and revival in amidst its own, individual chaos. The 70+ artists participating in the exhibition Souvenirs d' Athènes, a pop-up store hosted in Alibi Gallery, Psiri, at the very centre of Athens, are proof of the city's new, debate-rich and culturally enlightened identity.
The project poses the question, what is a souvenir, and how does it connect to art? If you can project and store a memory in an object, and years later you re-visit the very same time and space you are now in, doesn't it make it a souvenir? Irrespective of size and form, this exhibition will give you fertile ground to create and store your own memories of Athens.
Souvenirs d' Athènes features the work of artists based in Greece – both emerging and established – that come from diverse backgrounds and work across a variety of media. Experimenting with colour and form on canvas, postcard, clay, wood, and other materials, they offer a piece of Athens to take home that out-does a standard souvenir-offering.
Forever remember your summer days strolling the streets of our lively city with your own Souvenirs d' Athènes.