Marilia Kolibiri: Upside Down

Alibi Gallery is happy to present ‘Upside Down’, Marilia Kolimbiri’s first solo exhibition. The young artist leads us into a fresh, playful world, full of music and dance, but also one of reflection, dialogue and exploration. Using oil, spray and pastels Marilia Kolimbiri builds and paints totems and symbols that turn the world ‘upside down’. Spread across large and small surfaces, the colors, words and symbols she uses seem to float in the midst of a cheerfully chaotic universe, drawing us away from reality and into a state of harmony and bliss.
Immersed in this fluid, whimsical universe, with no beginning and no end, we are invited to bring forth memories from a carefree past, letting go of all that is meaningless in our daily lives. We are reminded of the child within us, in a process of reflecting on our life choices.
Maria Kolimbiri’s art is bursting with energy. It becomes the extension of her body, the subconscious expression of both her hopes and apprehensions. She invites us into her world so that we can ‘remember’ ourselves and converse with her symbols, words and colors in her ‘upside down’ universe.
A young graduate from the Athens School of Fine Arts, Marilia Kolimbiri has participated in many group exhibitions, including: Juvenois (M. Kakoyannis Foundation, 2017); yεnεές (Artanc Project, 2017); Nefele Festival (Bouzianis Museum, 2016); Invisible Governments: knowledge as a self-condition (Circuits and Currents, 2015); 7th Student Biennale (Theocharaki Foundation, 2014); and Art for All, Gyzi Megaron Festival, Santorini, 2013). She lives and works in Athens.