itsmi "friends"

Alibi Gallery is happy to invite you to the solo show  of itsmi, “Friends”, where the artist’s latest work will be presented. The show will run until June 11.

 In his new series of artworks entitled “Friends”, itsmi creates a personal artistic world where painting is encapsulated in sculpture, sculpture into installations, and small objects, with drawing overlaying all the previous artistic expressions. The expressive medium is not much important for the artist, because through constant experimentation and exploration, he is composing his own narrative, initially rooted in the streets and street art, with which he has been systematically involved from his early teen years and still leaves discreetly its mark, whenever he feels the desire to express or criticize a situation.

 The title of the exhibition is saturnine-ambiguous, since “Friends” are the artworks of the artist but also a part of himself. "This" and "other", the object and the subject, are notions that particularly interest him and artworks in a multi-layered way. As we can see, all of his works have titles that have a special meaning to him. It's like telling us a little story, like conveying a reflection or a thought to us.

 itsmi opens his studio in the gallery, in an exhibition that functions as a large installation, with paintings coexisting and conversing with drawings, sketchbooks, and sculptures. Small-sensitive yet sturdy sculptures. He transforms ready-made objects that finds on the street, old - rusty or detached, into contemporary sculptures, giving them a new life. Bricks, rusty wheels, old lids, mirrors, elements from utensils and everyday objects that have separated from their primary form, are transfigured into forms that observe us with the desire to reconnect with us.

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