16.09 - 25.10.2021

Billy Gee : Life Extension

Alibi Gallery presents a solo exhibition by visual artist Billy Gee.
In signature style the space becomes his personal workshop for 20 days as it is transformed with a unique multi/dimensional concept.
Once white walls acquire substance through the use of atmospheric murals and 3D constructs that merge to visually compliment the canvassed works on view. 
The artistic quest on natural raw materials creates landscapes from huts, in a distinctive blend of old and new architectural elements.
The living organisms that Billy Gee shows represent a new evolution of the species, a mixture of man and animal.
Through the characteristics of imagination, atmosphere and purity, the artist presents "Life Extension", influenced by his personal confinement (experience?)and global surrealism.
On a one-of-a-kind artistic journey, Billy Gee takes you to a fantasy world, as he envisioned it.