02.07 - 10.09.2020

Athènes 2020

Akronaoton ceramics, Aladastra, Alexandra Katsivelaki, Alexandros Maganiotis, Alexia Seretidou, Angelos Schizas, Anna Kavvasiadi, Beetroot, Billy Gee, Cacao Rocks, Vaggelis Choursoglou (Woozy), Cube Editions, Domenikos de Visser, Fani Skoulikidi, Florence Christaki, Iakovos Volkov, Jola818, Maria Kokkini, Kostas Lavdas, Lenousa Holeva, Marilia Kolibiri, Modern Greece, Naya Magaliou, Dimitris Naiplis (N-grams), Mulumu, Neanikon, Paparazzi, Pascalina Bossou, Phivos Thanos, Quixotic, Sofia Gaatar, Sofia Rosaki, Alexandros Simopoulos, Yannis Sotiriou, T.Ross20, Vasiliki Koukou, Zacharias, Zie


2020 has been truly unique! Whether in Athens, New York or London we have all gone through a first time ever experience of fear, isolation, restraint and experienced a sense of solidarity first felt among a broad range of us all.  Our reactions to the imposed discipline and extreme protection measures have varied but for for one... We all stopped! All of a sudden we had time to play, to think, to question our lives and to create... whether we were artists or not! And now that all this seems over, we try to be optimistic, forget our fears, feel happy to walk the streets of Athens, smile and ... Yes... we believe this will be the different Athens summer of 2020 and it’s up to us to make it work! We, at Alibi Gallery will host 30+ artists working across mediums in our exhibition “Athenes 2020”, a pop-up souvenir shop. Whether looking for souvenirs, games or art in your downtown strolls this pop-up shop will make you feel well !!


Opening Thursday 2 July, 1-9pm @ Alibi Gallery, Sarri 12 in Psirri

Open Tuesday-Sunday 12-8pm