Yannis Dimitrakis

His work focuses on the lack of gravity and direction in contemporary life.
While transposing time from our mythological past to childhood and innocence, in the end Dimitrakis animates the dream of exodus through the flight of birds and the galloping of horses.
And thus he draws us into a world without gravity, which carries in itself all the temporalities of yesterday, today, tomorrow that coexist in all of us at any given moment – and to this world, he strives to give direction, and weight.
Yannis Dimitrakis was born on 1958 in Paiania-Attica, where he still lives and works. He studied in the Greek School of Fine Arts from 1980 to 1986, under the instruction of D. Kokkinidis, B. Dimitreas, D. Mytaras and Th. Exarhopoulos.
Since 1978 he had 25 solo exhibits in Greece and abroad and has participated in many group shows. He also worked with Liverani of La Salita gallery in Rome, who was instrumental in the Arte Povera movement, at the time