Angelos Schizas

Angelos Schizas (b. 1991) is a young graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts, where he studied painting and sculpture with Michalis Manousakis. He creates large scale installations and sculpture using construction materials, in an effort to connect primitive nature to the urban scenery and create new environments. Angelos often incorporates light and sound in his installations, creating images of eternal flow and movement. He has exhibited his work, among others, at the Sotiris Felios Gallery (2013), the Cultural Center former Ursuline School, Naxos (2014), Pes Polytropon Gallery (2017), and the Trii Art Hub (2018). Recent group shows include Zoodochou Pigis (2019), curated by the Storgia collective and Crystals in Soil (2019), curated by Elena Stavraki.